"I have Realised that words have hurt me more Than the wounds that i have Suffered"

Monday, November 26, 2012

Coming Back to Life

Within the period of my last post and this one, something major has taken place with my life which has actually changed my life for the betterment. I have found someone, a very special someone, with whom I would like to live my entire life. So this post is entirely dedicated to her.
She is the best thing that has happened to me in a long time. Earlier, I was all the while apprehensive about marriage and that too an arranged one. I have had 2 proper relationships in the past but none among them was such that I could just raise my hand and say, “This is it”. But when I first met her, I was bowled over. I absolutely adore her smile, her playfulness, her simplicity and the way she explains and remembers those small-small things.
Life had always been a bitch to me and my relationships but I really thank the almighty for bringing us together. So as I always believe in, “Whatever happens happens for the good”.
My mentality towards an arranged marriage was always filled with ideas around “What-if” questions, in the sense that what if we are not compatible, what if it does not work out, what if she is not a good addition to my family etc. But now, I am at so much mental peace.
            She has the most amazing way of showing her love for me and I just love all things about her. I miss her so much when I am away from her and most of the times I am reminded about her. I am truly, madly and deeply in love with her.
            My dear, may you always stay the way you are and I love you so much.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012


It has really been a while since I wrote something for myself. Talking to a friend made me realise that it was a good thing which I had left and so am back again. The influence of the people you really care for in your life is actually immense and these really does mould your way of thinking.
Well coming to this day, i have moved on in life and am happy about it. I like my job, my life and am pleased with it. In such cases, usually one is enabled to things which we really would not do in other times. But still, lots of dreams to be chased, lot of things remaining to be achieved, so there is still much in store.
I am now a uncle of 2 great nephews, Vihaan and Viraj and I love them so much. Will post a pic of them soon. Till then...cheerios

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

For A Change

Hello World....sounds like a program which is usually the first one that one writes in any goddam programming language that you learn.
Well, i was feeling low the past week as was bored with life with whatever was going in my life....basically nothing. So what do i decide to do, i freak out in the sense that there are times in your life when you probably require a drastic change in life, some sorta recreation or something which will change your frame of mind. So i went for it. I watched few movies - Die Hard 4.0, The Bong Connection(it was a typical anjan dutta movie showing the woos of the bengali mentality whether in India or abroad, a good social satire as i would call it), a movie Awarapan which was absolutely pathetic but i didn't have any option as the other choice was " AAP KA SUROOR" and i did a hell no to watch it.
Next i moved on to rishi's place as hadn't talked to him quite a while. It was fun as usual with us having a lotsa DVD's to choose from what movies to watch cause i fucking spent 1000 bucks on them. We watched 25th Hour which was good. A Spike Lee movie which made your mind dance around making you think , the things that were happening why they were actually taking place, a story of a day basically with facts and dreams unleashed.
Next day i met Saahil and Rahul who had come all the way from delhi to attend Bhagat's sisters marriage. In their house the floors ran brown with beer and air was all filled up with smoke.
I was still not satisfied so me and Mohan moved to Sap's house where again we had a blast, played a lot of 29 after some time and had some excellent homemade food.
The week ended and so had to get back to work and the dates for exams are coming closer, i need to study, i need to take out those books again, i don't wanna do it but have to. I have no option left, Why can't things come easier, why do we always need to struggle? But there is good behind every evil and so i shall carry forward with the concept. Tootsies.....

Monday, May 21, 2007

Made for Each Other

Let me tell you the story the people without whom travelling the distance would have been much more difficult and a path of unrest........
Shibu and Taps ..... 2 ppl who were made for each other ..... never admitted till the 5th semester and then started loving each other like hellllllllll.......
They have been by my side through my thick and thin, whenever i required some help,consultation they were by my side and we did have a lot of fun together all the trips to gangtok, yoksum, aritar, pelling, ravangla, lava,kalimpong etc etc....
Shibu is a guy giving you an impression he is a know-all dictionary and he really does shake his booty really weel and u should listen him sing "Raat Kali ek khwab mein aayi".....oh!its mesmerising......but all in all a very good guy with clear principles and ambitions....and above all one of my best friends
Taps on the other hand is good in whatever she it dancing,studies,cooking it and she is the best in that.Actually shibu saala is lucky to get her....being a "nig" and with a huge one....lets not continue it.
Neways....stay as u r and be the frens you have always been to me....thanks for everything guys....

A Guy with a Difference

To tell you very frankly this is a guy who basically will give you an impression that he is a Happy go Lucky kinda person but as you begin to talk to this guy you will come to know the simplicity and complexity that lies in him.
Complexity because many a times he will give you simple ideas to a complex solution with adherence power that is not found in many people especially at those times when he is all "SANE"-mark the words.......and sometimes he will give such wierd ideas to things which are very simple in nature but with an attitutde of always willing to help.
He is a Great Driver but a better photographer who has an instinct for both. Except studying he has interest in most of the things and it amazed us and nunku many a times how did this guy manage to pass his exams with efforts as much as .0001% propbably if not lesser...he does have a great brain up there which he uses for all his photography and other mischevious deals as in "Maarofying Nunku's P",Arnab'The Singer',Landi and the list goes on.....
Most of the times you will find him high but he will make it seem as if he is normal although you can make it from his eyes....atleast i do cause i have been with him for around 4 and a half years now.....n roy telling you very frankly......
The other day i really liked one thing....wen u said that i was like family to u....thanks a lot pal....continue as u r and keep the accelerator pushing.....i really do value our frenship

Rishi........this one is just for u....

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Phati Pari hai

I am all fucked and tensed up.....I got a C Sharp MCP today and know "HELL LOT ABOUT IT"......
I was always good In Programming. Shit i feel like this after a lot of days,an exam after a lot of time.I studied also after a long was feeling strange.
I am listening to music just to relax and the song is by Eminem-Lose Yourself....earlier to that just listened to Pink Floyd-Coming back to was too soothing....i always loved that song from the first day that i heard it in rishi's room-me, Shibu,Nunku and rish not in our best of conditions but we felt as if it was 'Manna' from heaven. Whatever man those were our glory days....nothing to worry life king size....
Neways haven't got much time...i have to leave for the examination centre in another 10 mins....whatever will happen let it happen.....i am just consoling myself.....Will blog later giving you the news wahtever it is....bad or good...see ya till then....

Friday, May 11, 2007

Destiny's Child

Rain,Rain come Again.....n the rest id don't remember.
With all this scorching Heat i believe that it is the least god can do to us poor Souls.With such a heat wave going on outside we are blessed to get the modern technologies of air conditioning but think of 80% of Indians who can't even afford a fan.
The only relief they can have is the natural causes.....Rain.
Daily we keep reading in the newspapers 5 died in delhi due to rising temperatures,7 i ask myself is dis done just to mantain balance....or is it due to the sins they have performed in their earlier lives....whatever it is....i feel that what was in their fate....happened....cos they were not able to change it.
So there is a lesson out here....Hope u realise it.....You make your own destiny.....So ppl make it good

Marriage-An eternal Bliss????

Well...this weekend i attended my cousin brother's marriage in basic intentions for going there were my parents who basically had come over....i knew i was never going to have a gala time out there but yes...we did have a lot of fun.
This cousin brother of mine is an early 30's guy who has just become a doctor and due to his age was married to a girl from Haripal which is basically on the outskirts of West bengal....its a sort of a village with little bit of urbanisation.
The girl is just 24 yrs of age and she looks very sweet and homely but bcos of a huge difference in the status i found that this marriage might not be very successful in the long run....Lot of issues are there(sorry for the IT language)
I had a few other cousins there who were also there and we enjoyed most of the time but sometimes seeing that the guy gettin married was to desperate to have some private moments with the girl....pissed me off sometimes. he used to drive my younger cousin sister's away just to have a sneak in her room for the forbidden day in which according to the customs one is not allowed to see the girl.
if he would have asked in a better way all of us wld have helped surely...but......
So is marriage all about SEX....i think not....its a lot more meaningful than that....Its not just a ceremony or a nite where u have the license for free sex but its something in which 2 pll get united with a soul and 2 bodies.....Lets face it......Its the best moments in 2 persons live it with Glory

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Uncertainity Lies Beneath

Things have happened today that have left me with a smile on my face but there is a feeling in my mind which tells me about an uncertainity that lies ahead. Things have happened which can be a miracle-a blessing or a momentary peace with pain lying beneath....I don't know....
but you know what....there is God so whatever he'll be doin to me will be for the good.
My Project got for which me and my team mates were working our ass out .... day n nite but now no more....but till when that is the question....i'll soon be assigned to something new and i'll have to undergo that again n this time probably some unknown platform...ive never been good with programming and that's what brought me to this IT field.....

This morning has been very eventful .... another incident happened that i'm not being able to comprehend so i am very confused ..... i'm confused about what people want out from me and then another expectation comes up .... will i be able to live up to...not their but my expectations.....i feel i should....lets see what is there from me in the fortune....God....end this day...Let me have some peace.....

The Show Goes On

Its been quite a long time since i have blogged.Actually i was not gettin time as the pressure mounted hugely in my workplace but now it seems that work will either come to a stop or its just the lull before the storm.
It had been told that IT life makes you work but not much and pays you likewise but here i come to find that all the expectations from life seem to take a very uncanny change in which one has to work his ass out and even not geeting compensation worth that but as they say......"The Show must Go On".
I have been an optimist all my life and i know that i have had a few problems due to this but i still believe whatever happens,happens for the good.This is a phrase which my dad has been telling me rite from my childhood and i do realise the truth in it although sometimes it feels as if it isn't that way but again........this heart......oh!this heart bets the mind to differ

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